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I’ve been hosting events to help people explore all Corvallis has to offer. From guided hikes, Marty Gras Parades downtown and more there is something for everyone. 

How It Started

Explore Corvallis was initially started when a friend and I started offering guided free hikes and in depth educational tours to winter caroling through neighborhoods. We love to accommodate any kind of adventurer – let’s go riding, biking, hiking, and find new ways to learn about and understand how to navigate the unique environment around us. There’s so much to explore here in Corvallis!


Why do I do it? Because I am a transplant myself and want to provide resources to others so that they can fall in love with everything that Corvallis has to offer, on top of just being home to Oregon State University.

Going Strong Today

I have a passion for giving driving tours for people considering relocating to Corvallis, in addition to those who just want to get to know their hometown more intimately. My routes highlight all of the wonderful amenities that Corvallis has to offer including the employers that make up our strong local economy together with the small businesses that are central to the heart of the city. It’s important to get a good feel for the layout of the many neighborhoods and scenery– and I know the best spots for all the views. Many times I make time for a stop at one of the many local coffee shops along the way!

Past Event Highlights

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